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bbVideo – bbPress Video Plugin

21.02.2008 by naden

Ich habe für bbPress ein Plugin geschrieben, was Links auf Videos, die in Posts erscheinen automatisch in die entsprechenden Embedded-Player umwandelt. Das ist sehr nützlich, da der Leser nicht immer die Webseite verlassen muss um sich ein anzusehen.

Click here for an english summary!

Das Plugin unterstützt z.Z. die folgenden 14 Videoanbieter:

  • myvideo
  • funnyordie
  • collegehumor
  • dailymotion
  • sevenload
  • glumbert
  • youtube
  • googlevideo
  • liveleak
  • metacafe
  • clipfish
  • gametrailers
  • Vidmeo

Zur Homepage von bbPress

Update 23.06.2008:

  • Video Download Funktion hinzugefügt
  • Den Videoanbieter Vimeo hinzugefügt.

Update 09.03.2008:

  • Diverse Pattern wurden überarbeitet.
  • Embed-Option hinzugefügt. Kann im Backend dektiviert/aktiviert werden.

Update 09.03.2008:

  • Pattern hinzugefügt.
  • Download-Option hinzugefügt. Kann im Backend dektiviert/aktiviert werden.

Download v0.24

bbPress ist eine sehr schlanke Forensoftware, die von den Machern von WordPress vor einiger Zeit geschrieben wurde.

This plugin converts all links to knowen videos portals in your bbPress posts to the matching embedded players. Use the downloadlink above to grab it.

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21 Kommentare »

  1. Alex sagt:

    I love this plugin(BBVIDEO), I want to ad it to my new site currently parked at, however I want to restrict to post videos to admins and moderators, how can I do this?

    Please excuse me that I don’t speak German.

  2. naden sagt:

    @alex, you can modifie the plugins content filter callback to return the unmodified data if the user doesnt belong to the admin group.
    Anyhow, the user can post links to videos. To restrict this, you have to code you wn plugin, that checks the post content before saving it to the database.

  3. Jason Pelker sagt:

    Would you happen to know of a similar plugin for WordPress comments? Thank you in advance.

  4. naden sagt:

    @jason, unfortunately. Maybe I shoudl backport this plugin to wordpress and make the functionality available for comments. I have to think about it.

  5. korhan sagt:

    is there a way to include facebook videos as well? Can you give the code to add to file please?

  6. naden sagt:

    @korhan please give me some examples. Video Url and Embed Code.

  7. is there a way I set the width and height to imbed video?

  8. naden sagt:

    @david, yes there is. If you look inside – using the texteditor of your choice – you can see the width and height definition for every video provider there. Feel free to edit them to fit your needs.

  9. citizenkeith sagt:

    Thank you for this plugin!

    If I quote a post that contains a video, I have to add an extra carriage return after the ending blockquote tag, or else my post ends up in the quoted area with the video. This doesn’t happen when quoting other content (text, images, links, etc). I am using bbPress with the standard quote plugin.

  10. naden sagt:

    @citizenkeith are you referring to this plugin ?

    If so please email me an example post that raises the error you pointed out.

  11. Damien Roach sagt:

    The liveleak embed has stopped working, any chance of an update? :)

  12. citizenkeith sagt:


    I did not realize you replied to my comment back in December.

    I started a thread over at bbshowcase about the error:

    Perhaps you can pop in and see what we’ve tried so far. Thanks!

  13. Tristan sagt:

    Would be great to put SOUNDCLOUD in the supported sources!

  14. eric sagt:

    When I tried to activate the plugin it give me that msg Please

    help me !!

    Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error.

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function bb_get_option() in C:\camel\www\wordpress\wp-content\plugins\bbvideo.php on line 52

  15. naden sagt:

    It’s a bbPress-Plugin. Not a WordPress-Plugin!

  16. Stefan Zweifel sagt:

    Hey echt ein tolles Plugin, jedoch bekomme ich im Dashboard folgende Fehlermeldung wenn ich bbVideo konfigurieren will

    “Unter dieser Adresse gibt es keine Administrationsseite. Bitte überprüfen Sie die eingegebene Adresse und versuchen Sie es erneut.”

    Danke für eure Hilfe ;)

  17. naden sagt:

    Welche Version bon bbPress nutzt du?

  18. Stefan sagt:

    natürlich die neueste 0.24 :)

  19. Stefan sagt:

    ich depp, bbpress 1.0.3

  20. kidsushi sagt:

    hi naden,
    firstly thanks for your plugin. I’ve stumble upon a weird problem.
    At first i installed the bbpress in a BBpress folder on my site, bbvideo
    worked just fine, i did 2 tests it worked flawlessly. Now, i reinstalled
    the forum I am getting the “Page not found
    There is no administration page at the requested address. Please check the address you entered and try again.” Do you happen to know what could have caused that?
    Thanks very much for your time.

  21. naden sagt:

    @kidsushi that does not sound like a problem with bbVideo in general. Do you changed your forums url or domain. bbPress and WordPress store a lot of those information in a way thats not flawless moveable around different domains or directories. Maybe I can give a you a hint, if you post a test url.

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